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Spring Cleaning and Shop Outtakes

It’s supposed to be spring right now (right??) And yet, we had snow yesterday. Seriously weather, go home- you’re drunk! After two months of having my shop up and speaking with other Vintage vendors about photography, I decided to invest … Continue reading

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Blue Notes

I have an affinity for a nipped waist. I love that no matter how much weight I gain or lose, I feel like I can put on anything in a New Look style and instantly look slimmer! I picked up … Continue reading

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Forties Fridays!

I don’t know who you are- but you are forever and always my fashion inspiration!

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Thirties Thursdays

Ahh… 30s beach pajamas… Swoon! Image sourced from here!

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How I started collecting Vintage… Part 2

So last I left off I had been allowed to keep a few 70s items from a box that my mom’s coworker gave me.. When I started college, I moved out into my own apartment. I was financially responsible for … Continue reading

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Twenties Tuesdays

First round of Twenties Tuesdays! 😀 The gorgeous Louise Brooks with her absolutely enviable bob. Photo sourced from here.

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How I started collecting Vintage.. Part 1

Anyone who has any amount of vintage clothing has been asked this question. I know I’m no exception! I wish I had an answer that isn’t the same as every other vintage-lovin’ gal out there, but sadly, I don’t think … Continue reading

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1…2…1, 2, 3, 4!

And we’re off! I’ve been debating starting this off and on for.. well, years, if I’m honest. I’m an introverted person in general, and the thought of putting myself OUT THERE was (and still is) quite terrifying to me. I … Continue reading

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