How I started collecting Vintage… Part 2

So last I left off I had been allowed to keep a few 70s items from a box that my mom’s coworker gave me..

When I started college, I moved out into my own apartment. I was financially responsible for everything, and while the bulk of my income from my odd jobs went to rent and bills, I still craved new clothes! I couldn’t afford much, so I started shopping at random thrift stores in my area. I remember picking up this old 60s grey wool ankle length coat, similar to one my grandma had. I wore that old thing around all winter (and everyone I met mentioned it was really ugly!) and I was warm! I imagined all kinds of backgrounds for it. Honestly, I have no idea where that coat is now. I’m sure one of my roommates was eventually so sick of it, they donated it without telling me.
Yeah. No biggie. I was poppin’ tags before Macklemore was singing about it.

I joined the military for a while, and while stationed on the West Coast, I discovered the AMAZING thrift stores there! (Seriously, East Coast- get it together!) I had 4 in particular I would shop at on set days of the weeks, because the employees would let me know when they put out all of their new stock the night before. I bought everything I could get my hands on! Mostly 50s-70s, but I was so happy to finally find vintages pieces!
Sourced from Ashelyg on Etsy (I love her shop!)

When I moved to Georgia a few years later, I was living in a conservative area and was honestly still not sure of my ‘style,’ but I knew I wanted to incorporate vintage pieces into my wardrobe. There were a few vintage shops around, so I started buying 50s cotton day dresses. They really are the LBD of vintage! I had a uniform of 50s day dress, cardi, tights and flats! Every now and then, I would find a 60s wiggle dress (my absolute favorite is a mustard yellow wool one I bought in a shop down there) or a 40s rayon dress, but I mostly stuck with the 50s day dresses.
Dress available in my shop here

From there, I started collecting earlier pieces, different silhouettes and fabrics as my tastes changed. I still love a good 50s full-skirted day dress, but tend to wear late 30s-mid 40s overall. I’m not sure where my tastes will lead me in a few years, or even in a few months! But that’s how the obsession started and the collection was born and my bank account became a sad panda:(

Also, is there anyone who DOESN’T look good in a 50s day dress?? They really are pretty perfect!


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A 30-something vintage clothing hoarder who also has a penchant for books, coffee, lazy days and cats.
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