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An update.

Ladies. (And gentleman, I know a few of you are out there!) It has been an INSANE week and a half. I am sorry for my absence, but I REALLY needed a little downtime. I mentioned briefly before that I … Continue reading

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Forties Fridays

I feel like this is hair week or something! But taking inspiration from all the other hair related posts this week, here’s my pick for Forties Fridays, an advert for Junior Miss hairstyles:) Yup. Once my hair grows a wee … Continue reading

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Thirties Thursdays

With my short hair and my new-found appreciation for pin curls on my short hair, I’ve been looking at loads of 30s hair inspiration. Women were still growing out their bobs, so there’s plenty to see! From the 1930s- images … Continue reading

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Wet Set Review

I mentioned Monday that I took part in a Vintage workshop focusing on hair and make-up. I did a wet set on my hair (which I generally do, but haven’t since my hair has been so short) and I thought … Continue reading

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Twenties Tuesdays

I’m late on this one! It’s been a hectic day. I got word today I qualify for a runway competition which, if I win, I’d get a full scholarship! So I’ve been trying to rush around to design a garment … Continue reading

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And I’m back!

Whew! What a crazy week! I went down to the Outer Banks, NC, last weekend for some relaxing beach time with my boyfriend, as he ran a The Experiment for Balboa (Bal is a form of swing dancing, and The … Continue reading

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A vintage surprise

I made it to Durham! If you are on the East Coast and have to travel the I-95 corridor between DC and Richmond- you have my sympathy. I’ve had to do that trek twice in the past week- it’s HORRIBLE! … Continue reading

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Thirties Thursdays

These ladies are oh so lovely! I may not have a post for the next two days- I’m headed down to Raleigh Durham for a Vintage hair and make-up workshop! I will take plenty of pictures and notes and report … Continue reading

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Why I love Vintage Pt. 1

I get asked this a lot by friends and people on the street. “Why do you like old clothes?” “Why do you spend so much on old things?” “I could never wear someone’s old stuff! Gross! Doesn’t it smell???” Yes, … Continue reading

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Twenties Tuesdays

This Tuesday it’s all about Phryne Fisher of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. If you’ve never seen the show (!!!) or you’re not into mysteries, you should just watch it for the 1920s fashion. (Guilty) you can find the first season … Continue reading

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