Twenties Tuesdays!

This is a new-to-me find from the western side of Maryland. The lady was trying to clean out her Vintage section of her antique store and I snagged this baby for $17. SEVENTEEN DOLLARS. AND IT IS IN AMAZING SHAPE. It’s like the holy grail of Vintage finds.

I think I peaked.

And some pretty details..

-1920s Green velvet and lace accent dress found in an antique store in Western MD
-1920s Moss green velvet cloche from Wildfellhall Vintage

About Baltimore Bombshell

A 30-something vintage clothing hoarder who also has a penchant for books, coffee, lazy days and cats.
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4 Responses to Twenties Tuesdays!

  1. Is this going in the shop?

    • Hello lovely! As of this moment, no, she’s staying put for a bit! I have this wild notion I can pull off a 20s silhouette (though realty is quite different, ha!) so she’ll stick around until I realize she’s just laying around and not being worn. I’ve been having luck finding 20s and early 30s dresses lately and I have a few more I’m getting ready to go into the shop this month=)

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