An update.

Ladies. (And gentleman, I know a few of you are out there!)

It has been an INSANE week and a half. I am sorry for my absence, but I REALLY needed a little downtime.

I mentioned briefly before that I had recently been laid off from my private sector job, and decided to transition into a completely different field- hair and make-up! It’s a transition I’ve been honestly struggling with, since my previous job had me in very weighty roles and having a ton of responsibility for very serious things. Going into cosmetology I’ve been asked by nearly everyone why I’m dumbing myself down, why I can’t just going into the public sector, and why I’m “wasting” my talents. Truthfully? I’m burnt out. And that hurts. You’re basically deciding that I’m only talented in one area. Why can’t I be talented elsewhere? Why can’t I have a say? Why can’t I decide that I want a job that allows me to explore my creative side? A gal I work with at the salon, Morgan, recently told me that I’m not taking a step backwards, I’m taking a step sideways- I agree! I know that hairdressers and the cosmetology field is generally looked down on, but come on folks! It’s hard work! I’m just starting out and I’m already overwhelmed by just how MUCH there is to know! I don’t start school until the end of May, but I’ve been sitting in on classes in the salon and reading up on things to get a head start.

I wanted a field I could wear my vintage clothing, celebrate it, and explore my creativity. I want to be able to bring the inner beauty of my clients to the outside.

I decided to go to the Aveda School. The distance and quality of education was a big driving factor, and I do love that they are committed to eco-friendly products. I do love companies that are focused on sustainability, as that is a big draw for many vintage-clothing wearers.

Aveda hosts a yearly Catwalk for Water, where they raise money for various clean water projects around the world. Current and prospective students create unique looks with Aveda hair and cosmetic products as well as design and make a garment out of recyclable materials. This year’s theme was earth, air, ocean or fire. The fun thing was the prospective students were competing for a full scholarship! I will get more picture heavy on Saturday, but I wanted to at least show you what I had been holed up working on over the last week and a half:)

photo 2
My lovely model, Elizabeth! Who better to rock that frock??

Be back to my regular posting tomorrow!


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