Catwalk for Water 2014 Recap

So the other day I mentioned I competed in Aveda’s Catwalk for Water runway challenge, creating a garment out of recycled material, along with doing hair and make up for the model to compete for a full scholarship! I didn’t win first place, but I did win some scholarship money! Since my tuition is covered by the GI Bill, I am taking my scholarship money to take further education courses- particularly an airbrush make-up course in NYC! I’m so excited! I just need to get the time off to do it!

I chose to do a 1947 Dior New Look inspired dress, made fully out of newspaper, cardboard and tissue paper. The skirt is the world map:) I wanted to carry my theme through with the 40s make up and hair, and was told repeated that my look was the most cohesive! I met my future instructor, who let me know he was most excited to work with me! Several of the pro photogs they had in attendance were absolutely enamored with my model and friend, Elizabeth (how could they not??? She’s gorgeous!) and were snapping up photos of her left and right! I’m proud that I stayed true to my aesthetic and I show-cased a garment and styling that I would wear in every day life. Aveda tends to be on more of the natural beauty side of things, and I wanted to let as much of my model’s natural beauty shine through as possible:)

And now.. The pictures!
photo 1
The original skirt, before I changed my mind:)
photo 1
The before!
photo 2
The after!
photo 1
Isn’t she stunning??
photo 3
photo 5
photo 1
Four of the 18 competing, the lovely lady in the blue on the far left won 2nd place! So well deserved! The lovely lady on the far right is a dear friend and co-worker:)
photo 4
photo 3
photo 2
I love this photo! It perfectly captures the spirit of the event:)

I have a video but I’m not tech-saavy enough to know how to upload it! So if you know, lemme know:)

Also, in other news- I had my first successful buying appointment today! I hope I can have the pieces cleaned up shortly to debut them on here:) I’m going thrifting with Elizabeth tomorrow, wish us luck!


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