Oh dear..

Has it really been 20 days since I last posted? Good grief. I am really awful at this!

I’ve been on a journey to self discovery lately. Trying to figure out WHO I am and whatnot. I feel so cliche saying it, but it’s true. I’ve spent the last 30 years being whoever others expected (or demanded) I be, so this is a time for growth and discovery. To say I’ve been experiencing growth pains is a *bit* of an understatement, but what are you going to do? I can’t stay stagnant forever (as much as that appeals to my lazy side!)

Along with that, I have always been extremely self conscious about wearing my vintage clothing in public. I had dated several guys, and had several friends and family members who would eye me up and down and be like ‘Really? Are you really going to wear that? Can’t you just wear something else? You look weird.’ I didn’t want to look weird, I just wanted to fit in and have their approval (something else I’ve always sought way too much). I’m wearing more vintage clothing in the last year than I have ever before, even though I’ve been collecting for well over a decade. I’ve just been too embarrassed to wear it out.

I do hate being stared at. And let’s face it, ladies and gentlemen, you WILL be stared at wearing vintage. Wear a hat? Get stared at. Wear a brooch? Get stared at. Wear gloves in spring and summer? Get stared at. Wear a dress that CLEARLY doesn’t look like anything you can buy in the stores now? Get stared at. And it’s sad, really, when people feel they need to make comments about that in a negative way. What purpose does that serve? I was asked after leaving my apartment by one of my neighbors once, after carefully selecting my favorite pieces and putting them together in the most FABULOUS combination, “Why are you dressed like that? Are you going to a party? It looks like you’re going to a costume party.” What GOOD does that serve? It completely deflated my mood and left me feeling completely ridiculous and stupid for evening LIKING vintage clothing.

I do think; however, there is something to be said about wearing vintage WITH confidence (even if it is false confidence to start out with!) I am more often get approving looks, and several compliments (I once had a lady completely miss her Metro train because she ran after me to tell me she loved my seamed stockings and heels!) when I walk with my head high and act as if I really do believe I look GOOD. And let’s face it- there is something that certain vintage silhouettes do for the body! I can’t pull off a 20s-mid 30s cut with my wide hips, but MAN can I rock a WWII-50s cut like it’s nobody’s bizniz! I think getting comfortable to the point where you KNOW you look better in that cut than modern ones you find in the store, helps pull it off.

I FIRMLY believe that the silhouette I’m wearing shows off my best assets in an appropriate manner- like the garment has been made specifically for me- I feel like a hat, bag, brooch, gloves, etc. only enhances the look. I have to wear modern clothing in all black for school right now, and it’s so frustrating trying to find modern clothing in cuts that I feel compliment my shape in the way some of my vintage clothing does. Once I’ve started seeing that contrast of just how well my vintage plays up/plays down my shape, all the modern stuff just isn’t making me feel as good- even though I’m “fitting in” more. So I’ve been gaining confidence. And now when someone makes a rude remark (which is really only 1 out of 40 comments) I shrug it off. Because I KNOW my body, I KNOW what looks good, and I KNOW what feels good. And that, no matter how uncomfortable the learning process, is a great conclusion to come to.

*True story* I did not intend for grandstanding to happen in this post haha

xo Jaye

About Baltimore Bombshell

A 30-something vintage clothing hoarder who also has a penchant for books, coffee, lazy days and cats.
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