Beach Day!

Every year, the salon I work at hosts it’s annual “Beach Day!” We unfortunately don’t get to actually GO to the beach, it’s more of a customer appreciation day to kick off the start of summer. We all bring in food and decorate the salon with beach-y items and get to wear ‘beach chic’ clothing. All the stylists wore really cute maxi dresses and flowers in their hair. A few wore leis around their necks.

Since we couldn’t actually wear a swimsuit (I have the perfect 30s deadstock swimsuit, too!) I got creative. I’ve been wanting a 30s-50s playsuit for a good long while, but haven’t found the one yet, so I tried to get a beach-y fun vibe with vintage flair. I went a touch more Rockabilly than I usually do, and it was a nice change!

photo 1-3
I have had these old seersucker high waisted shorts from Gap forEVer. I’m pretty sure I bought them at Goodwill or Salvation Army. I paired them with a white short-sleeve dress shirt from Gap and unbuttoned the bottom few buttons so I could tie the ends to create a midriff.

A MIDRIFF YOU GUYS. I would have told you to eff off before if you had said I would one day wear a midriff in public. The craziest part? I LIKED IT. I WAS COMFORTABLE IN THAT LOOK. ABSOLUTE CRAZINESS. THE WORLD IS IN MAYHEM. TAKE COVER.

I’ve been growing out my pixie cut, and finally got to a point where I could put the front pieces up into victory rolls. I used a scarf to tie up my hair in the back.

photo 2-5
I wore a pair of espadrille wedges my Aunt Cathy gave me when they didn’t fit her that she purchased from Land’s End.

Seriously! I can’t get over how much I liked this outfit. I felt sassy, playful and cheeky. It was fun to think- and dress- outside my comfort zone! It was a hit at the salon- though at one point, a little kid had dropped a bottle of Argon Oil all over the floor and I was on my hands and knees wiping it up, his 6yr old brother comes over and asks “Are you a maid?” “No.” “Are you sure?”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, made me think I should re-evaluate my life choices, haha!


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A 30-something vintage clothing hoarder who also has a penchant for books, coffee, lazy days and cats.
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  1. sistasfromcali says:

    Lovely as always 🙂

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