The Old Mill and Me

On the 5th, The Gentleman and I traveled a few hours north to New Hope, PA outside Philly on the Delaware River. We had both heard from reputable vintage hoarders (sellers.. but hoarders is much more accurate, no?) that New Hope is kind of a Mecca for Vintage. So off we went! Well.. we were planning to go several months ago, but our schedules haven’t been lining up much, so we finally got around to it. 


You guys, I hit the jackpot. THE VINTAGE JACKPOT. I have been on the hunt for a 30s evening gown that had to be *just so* and as common as they are, you’d think I’d have found one by now that I love. I found one I fell HARD for (which thankfully fit!) along with two amazing 40s hats, a pair of insane 40s platforms, a super cute plaid 50s top and a black ribbon skirt- which I’ve been hunting for for ages as well, that fits like a dream. It really was a fantastic weekend of hunting! The Gentleman found a great 30s polka dot tie and a 20s tux jacket that fit really well, which is usually hard to find since he’s so tall. We lucked out at a really great shop, Love Saves the Day run by an amazing proprieties, Stasia. She was so fantastic and she GETS IT– she pulled out several pieces for me to see (which I ended up snatching up!) to check out and told me about the histories of items she had the scoop on. I am definitely making the trip again! Shout out to Stasia- you’re awesome and I LOVE EVERYTHING<3

I plan on photographing everything shortly and posting it (I know, I know, I say that about everything…) On our way out of the town (which is totally cute and quirky- lots of vintage, though mostly 60s-70s, there was a Pride Festival and biker festival going on along with 4th of July celebrations- made for an interesting mix!) we found an abandoned stone structure that we think was a mill. It seemed that it was left in disrepair for a while, but construction was just beginning on it again. I couldn’t find any info on it:( The Gentleman talked me into trespassing (!!!!!!) to take advantage of the prettiness of the stone against the lush green grass, and well.. to also document the outfit! (I’m so bad at that..) 

photo 1-6

photo 2-8

photo 4-3

photo 5-2

photo 3-6

Skirt is from Jitterbuggin, and 30s Hungarian blouse (another item off of my 2014 Wants List!) from the lovely DearGolden, both on Etsy. Shoes are Miss L Fire in Eva- Nude. I love them! They’re the perfect repro heel:)



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