Twenties Tuesdays

So who else caught the season premiere of Downton Abbey last week? SO FUNNY AMIRIGHT?!?!?!? I wasn’t expecting it to turn into such a comedy, but it’s a welcome change! Not that drama is bad… but it almost was feeling like the writers were thinking ‘ok, what horrible thing can we have happen to the beloved characters next? ok.. do that, but then give watchers hope and then BAM! something else!’

I went to see the premiere at Baltimore’s Walters Art Gallery (a place that I sadly have never been to, but keep meaning to go, so this was the perfect excuse to!) It was a free event, and to make it even more fun, two awesome friends had come up from DC for the event- and always they were dressed to impress. It was so much fun seeing how many people dressed up for the occasion. I know several cities around the US have premiere viewing parties where fans dress up, but this was my first time attending one (I hear the one in Richmond, VA is the largest!) I wish I had more photos of the fans dressed up, but sadly I was a late arrival and missed the photo ops.

Here’s the ever-lovely Christine and I in our 20s finery.


To follow a woman who REALLY knows Art Deco, you need to start following Christine on twitter at @decophile

She is flawless as always, and will be making another appearance soon!

I’m wearing a dress that was gifted to me from my dear friend, Elizabeth, who SERIOUSLY finds the most amazing gems at the most ridiculous prices. It’s really crazy. She’s picked up some AMAZING pieces for me for under $30. I know. It’s nuts. I don’t get it, either. This lovely navy number came with extra lace to change out the cuffs- it’s so sweet!

I’ll be back with a Thirties Thursday post later this week along with some …. uh… very belated Vintage events… that may have happened in September. Told you I was behind..

xo Jaye

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A 30-something vintage clothing hoarder who also has a penchant for books, coffee, lazy days and cats.
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