Art Deco Society of Virginia’s Gatsby Picnic 2014

Early this past September, I joined the Art Deco Society of Virginia for their second annual Gatsby picnic. It was a splendid affair, with the weather being absolutely beautiful, a beautiful backdrop, great vendors, music, an on-site barber, a paper moon photo booth, costume and dance contest, and everyone in their 1920s finery.

It was exactly the day I had needed to get me out of my funk and my house.
The lovely venue- The Wilton House.
The lovely Christine from Tuesday’s post, Sue, myself, Andy Nishida (the Treasurer of the ASDVA) and the ever-lovely Lori (she has one of the most amazing vintage wardrobes ever).
The winner of the Charleston contest, Miss Laura Windley of Lindyshopper and myself.
The two winners of the costume contest
The costume contestants




Goodies from Raleigh Vintage, Chatterblossom and MachineDance Vintage.
My dress is from Fab Gabs<3 and my headband from Chatterblossom.

Overall, it was an amazing day, filled with amazing people and clothing. Oh! The clothing! I picked up a stunning 1930s dress from Raleigh Vintage (that will make an appearance soon) and was gifted an insanely beautiful (and matches the dress from RV!) headpiece from Chatterblossom. It was really just the day I needed. It was great to catch up with everyone and drool over every garment. I well definitely be heading to the 3rd Annual Gatsby Picnic (September 7th in Richmond, VA for those that can make it!) and cannot wait. I better start planning my outfit now! It's also good motivation to get a picnic set!


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A 30-something vintage clothing hoarder who also has a penchant for books, coffee, lazy days and cats.
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