ADSVA Tweed Ride 2014

I told you I’m so very behind!

This past November I joined the Art Deco Society of Virginia in Richmond for their annual Tweed Ride. It was my first Tweed Ride ever (having missed the DC Tweed Ride the week before because I was moving) and I was really excited to show off my new Linus bike I bought as a birthday gift/recovery gift for myself.

It was a nice small group and we did a great tour around the downtown area of Richmond through some really cute neighborhoods. I don’t know much about Richmond (aside from the two vintage shops I frequent!) so the ride was the PERFECT way to get familiar with the city. And I gotta say… it is making this Baltimore Bombshell seriously consider moving to Richmond. Perhaps by the end of the year I’ll have a new name and new city?!?!


All the beautiful bikes! Mine is the closest one (I totally bought it for the color. Burnt orange is my favorite color ever!)


No joke- I haven’t ridden a bike in close to 26 years. So make fun of me all you want- I wore my Toms the whole ride and I totally split my skirt up to my rear! Thankfully it was all seam rippage, and it was a 60s skirt I wasn’t partial to, but I’ve already repaired it:)


No trip to Richmond is complete without a stop at Halcyon Vintage!


How cute is Kath’s basket?IMG_9556


Doesn’t everyone look so fantastic? I’m so glad the weather was perfect for the day. I can’t wait for the next one! We ended the day having lunch together. Such a great time with such great people!

I went vintage shopping with a friend yesterday and picked up my outfit for the next Tweed Ride! There was so much good inspiration. I think I’m going to try to make every Tweed Ride around the area this year. I know DC and Philly have theirs, so hopefully they don’t happen on the same day.



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