Model Days

So getting to the end of school and nearing graduation, we are each given the opportunity to sit down with a photographer and have our work photographed to help us start our portfolios. I opted not to bring in a model, but chose myself instead. I was lucky enough to have a friend and classmate, Sarah, lighten my hair for me last week, and then the night before the shoot, I toned and color-blocked my hair with Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow White Toner and Cotton Candy Pink. I’m really impressed with how the colors came out- it was my first time using Manic Panic so I was pretty thrilled with the results.

I changed my concept a bit, but in the end, I’m pleased with the results. Of course, it could have been executed a bit neater, but for my first time doing cut, color AND style on myself by myself, I’m pretty happy with it. Also- I’m really happy with the pin curl set I did- we are on day 2 of it, and I’m thinking I may be able to get at least another 2-3 days out of it!



Here’s a photo with Bea, Sarah’s model. I love her creativity and use of color. Bea looks so etherial.


More posts coming soon!



PS- also for those who have asked- my website domain ( is back up and running and connects to the blog instead of the Etsy shop. You can still reach the shop through a link on the blog, or by clicking Shop in the header.

PPS- I’ve updated the appearance of the blog! So please contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, whatnot if you have them:)

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2 Responses to Model Days

  1. rileyemily says:

    I cannot tell you how excited I get each time I have an email letting me know they’re is a new blog post to read!
    I leave them as a reward after I finish a task. They are like dessert posts of sweet goodness. You are amazing. Thanks for sharing that amazingness with the world!

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