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A Little Nook..

If you’re on the East Coast anywhere near DC right now, you may be spending your Saturday swimming from place to place. Oh, the rain! It’s nice to have, but 24 hours of continuous hard rain is.. well? Not that … Continue reading

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Building my Nest.

I mentioned that I was in a ‘nesting’ mood as of late and in that mood, I just made one of the biggest purchases I’ve ever made- I’m really looking at it as an investment! Remember when I mentioned I lost … Continue reading

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Why Vintage Has Made Me a Better Person

In the process of writing a journal entry on how my bicycle has made me a better human being, I realized I could very easily write about how vintage has as well. At first, it didn’t seem particularly impactful, but after … Continue reading

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Twenties Tuesdays- Cloche Edition

I had found this 20s springtime pink cloche last spring and was so happy it matched perfectly with a pink floral ditsy cotton 30s dress. I had planned to wear them to the Governor’s Island Jazz Age Lawn Party, but … Continue reading

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Shop Updates

With school winding down, and a new career winding up, I figured it was a good time to go through my vintage during my big Spring Cleaning weekend. I am trying to have a more editing eye when approaching my … Continue reading

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Navy Days

I have been finding myself gravitating more and more to 50s silhouettes lately. I think it’s partially because I’ve always loved the New Look style, and partially because I’ve gained back all the weight I lost last summer after my … Continue reading

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Place Holder

Everyone has one. Something to tie themselves over til they find the perfect whatever. It could be a temp job til you finally land the job you really want. It could be a piece of art hanging on the wall … Continue reading

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Out with the old..

In my last post, I had mentioned I was doing a bit of spring cleaning both in my home life and in my personal life. I’ve been through a lot of struggles this past year, with the loss of my … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

One thing I’ve always hated about spring was spring cleaning. My mother is a bit of a clean-nazi (clean-freak isn’t a strong enough word) and when she began to do her spring cleaning, you knew you had to get out … Continue reading

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