Spring Cleaning

One thing I’ve always hated about spring was spring cleaning. My mother is a bit of a clean-nazi (clean-freak isn’t a strong enough word) and when she began to do her spring cleaning, you knew you had to get out of the house as fast as you could. Since the upheaval of my life over the last year, I decided maybe it was a good time to do some spring cleaning myself. Not just in my home, but my heart and soul as well. (More on that in the next post.)

Thankfully (really?), I have been really sick. What I thought was just allergies, was actually severe sinusitis. It caused conjunctivitis and mild pneumonia when I left it untreated. To top it off, after I got out of the ER, I was doing the dishes and sliced my palm wide open. So back to the ER I went, and now I’m all bandaged and drugged up. I’m quarantined for a week, so what better use of my time than to do some cleaning? By the end of the first day I had washed all the linens, dishes and clothing I had pilled up.



One of the things I’ve been really needing to do is go through all my vintage. The collection has really gotten out of control. I have so many pieces I don’t wear anymore that are needing to go to the shop. I’m getting together with a few gals tomorrow night to do a small Vintage Swap n’ Sell in Baltimore, so hopefully a few of the pieces find a new home- and maybe I’ll find a few more pieces, too! This *may* be the reason the collection has gotten out of hand…



Oh the pile of ironing that has to be done..



So much to be cataloged and tagged and mended and.. and.. and.

I guess it’s good I’m stuck at home for a week:)



About Baltimore Bombshell

A 30-something vintage clothing hoarder who also has a penchant for books, coffee, lazy days and cats.
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