Holiday Decor: Old vs. New

I am huge into decorating for the holidays. It really looks like Christmas exploded all over my house during the month of December. My mom and dad always made a big show of getting out all the Christmas decorations and putting everything up just so, so I like to think I’m carrying on the tradition. The holiday spirit (no pun intended!) also extends to Halloween for me. I’ve never been one to dress up or go do anything fun, but I’ve always enjoyed making the entrance of my house ‘spookified’ and carving pumpkins. Since I’m in a loft apartment this year, it’s a little trickier to decorate, so I’m trying to think of some creative ways.

Since Halloween is a Saturday this year, I’ll be working at QG and dressing up is encouraged! I’ve never been really good at picking out costumes (most have to be explained… which is never a good sign!) so I’m turning to the past to draw inspiration this year.

My favorite so far was my Mary Poppins look from a few years ago that I did with the gentleman (he went as Bert):



Last year I did something a bit more risqué and wore a 1930s burlesque costume I have:

IMG_9424 IMG_9437

I need something appropriate for work still, so I’m thinking about going greyscale for this year:


Image from the talented Whitney Avalon

Or I could just go really old school and weird like this:


I mean, really.. WTF is that????




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