A Few Outfits….

You can check out my recent outfit updates on Instagram as I’ve been trying to update my vintage more often (something we all know I’m terrible at!)

Here’s my outfits from the last week!

These two to mostly show off my new brooches! A 30s celluloid carved wheat brooch, and a 40s ‘Knit for Victory’ from Machinedance Vintage (love you dear!)

Two FABULOUS dresses from Elizabeth (which had been in the shop… but then I decided they should just stay in my closet… 🙂 )


My awesome new plaid wiggle dress from Fairy Floss Vintage ❤


I was trying to show off the button detail and my new black bakelite fish brooch from eBay! 🙂

I’ll be updating more shortly!




About Baltimore Bombshell

A 30-something vintage clothing hoarder who also has a penchant for books, coffee, lazy days and cats.
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