Baltimore Historical Crime Tour

Last night I teamed up with Jeff Bejma, a loca historian who just published a book on Fells Point history, for a Historical Crime Tour of Baltimore focusing on the 1850-1860s era and how essentially Baltimore earned the nickname “Mobtown.”

We had several members of the Baltimore Historical Society join us, as well as several of my coworkers and clients from the barbershop I work at. 

I tried to document the evening but instead I was too engrossed in Jeff’s talk! I’m going to post info about his book soon so that anyone who is interested can check it out!

I was able to remember to take two photos- the first from the beginning of the evening at QG. Jeff is behind the bar (he’s BMore’s finest bartender!) and the second is him talking about the area where Edgar Allen Poe was kidnapped. We are standing in the Inner Harbor, and Poe had been abducted a few blocks north. 

This tour really got me interested in Maryland history and Baltimore history in particular. I really want to check out the rest of the tours in the city! It being October, there’s several haunted ones here, so I think they should be the first on my list!

Any suggestions? 🙂



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2 Responses to Baltimore Historical Crime Tour

  1. There isn’t a tour per se, but an interesting part of Maryland’s crime history to read about is the story/legend of Patty Cannon in the early 1800s. She was running a gang that would kidnap freed black men in MD and Delaware and sell them back into slavery in Georgia. You can tour the Patty Cannon house, but experts can’t confirm that it was her primary residence.

    • How fascinating! I will have to check with Jeff to see if he knows anything about her. It’s sad that MD’s crime history is so abundant and intense. It makes present day BMore look pretty ok though:/

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