Viva Las Vegas Day 2

Ugh. May was rough. But I’m back with the remainder of my Viva journey!

Day Two: The actual first day! Thursday I woke up nice and early (I can’t tell you how excited I was that I couldn’t sleep!) After a quick cup of coffee and getting ready- I was off! I headed over to The Orleans to meet up with Tara before we picked up Todd where he was staying on the strip. Tara had never been to Vegas and Todd hadn’t spent much time, so we decided to hop over to check it out.




Lunch at Mon Amie, Gabi in The Paris.


Senor Frogs has the best stools! After we finished walking around, we headed back for the afternoon/evening festivities!



The best thing about Thursday is that the vendors open for business! I wish I could upload the video I took of the vendor areas- but they were too large! I think I posted snippets on IG.


Re-Mix shoes! Tried as I might, I couldn’t resist a pair! They have some lovely new canvas wedges that I fell for- and I’m so glad I got them! My feet WERE KILLING ME the whole time I was there- note to self- WEAR COMFY FLATS. Don’t even bother wearing cute heels. You’ll wear them for like 2 minutes.

After the vendors, we checked out a few more bands, then I headed back out to Frankie’s- a friend of mine from Baltimore just happened to be in Vegas and he wanted to meet up. He’s long teased me for my vintage-ness, so I wanted to bring him to Frankie’s…. he was pretty shocked to say the least! He was the odd one out:)


Also. Ricky never smiles in photos. Ever. Even though he’s the biggest goof. Don’t let the grimace fool you- he was thrilled. ha.

Part 3 is on its way!



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1 Response to Viva Las Vegas Day 2

  1. Brandy says:

    Those chairs crack me up. Next year is going to be epic! Everyone looked so amazing.

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