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A 30-something vintage clothing hoarder who also has a penchant for books, coffee, lazy days and cats.


Since the lockdown began and we shifted all classes online, I’ve been trying to spend this time learning to sew and finally get around to the things I had put off or had been avoiding. For instance: cleaning and sorting … Continue reading

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The BIG Clean-out

I’ve essentially been collecting for 25 years- some of those years not as much and others… well… yeah. At one point I’m pretty sure I had close to 2,500 dresses in my collection. I used to sell on Etsy but … Continue reading

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Well Hello there….

Long time no blog.. 3 years… I guess I have some explaining to do. I am not naturally enamored with social media. The idea putting myself ‘out there’ is not something that appeals to me- and honestly, it terrifies me. … Continue reading

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Viva Las Vegas Day 2

Ugh. May was rough. But I’m back with the remainder of my Viva journey! Day Two: The actual first day! Thursday I woke up nice and early (I can’t tell you how excited I was that I couldn’t sleep!) After … Continue reading

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Viva Day 1

I’m going to break this into a few posts, as I’m currently at work and don’t have access to all my photos! If you’re in IG and follow any of the guys and gals in the vintage and Rockabilly community, … Continue reading

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MCM Kitchen Love

In a beautiful coincidence, I was reached out to recently by¬†Wayfair¬†about blogging for them about my ideal Mid Century Modern (MCM) Kitchen space. It makes it even more fun since I’m looking at buying my first home and a MCM … Continue reading

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Baltimore Style

So I was in a magazine (!!!!!!!) Life goal #247 complete. Check it out: Fresh Era Xo

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I’ve been working on growing out my hair for the last two years- I keep going back to the pixie cut! The middy cut is really ideal for vintage hairstyles- it’s nice and layered and shows off pin curl sets … Continue reading

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Birthday Roadtrip 2016

Years ago, I lived out in California. I was still in the military and received orders to move to Texas. Knowing I was not supposed to make any stops in between, of COURSE I decided to stop over in Las … Continue reading

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New Year New Adventures!

I was definitely ready to put 2016 behind me. It was just not my year (and probably not many other’s either!) So I have to say 2017 is shaping up to be much better! Some fun things to look forward … Continue reading

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