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Navy Days

I have been finding myself gravitating more and more to 50s silhouettes lately. I think it’s partially because I’ve always loved the New Look style, and partially because I’ve gained back all the weight I lost last summer after my … Continue reading

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Place Holder

Everyone has one. Something to tie themselves over til they find the perfect whatever. It could be a temp job til you finally land the job you really want. It could be a piece of art hanging on the wall … Continue reading

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Chutes and Ladders

So last month I moved again (3 times in the past 1.5 years for those of you who are counting…) I’m so in love with my new loft! It has a skylight that is just perfect for getting enough light. … Continue reading

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Model Days

So getting to the end of school and nearing graduation, we are each given the opportunity to sit down with a photographer and have our work photographed to help us start our portfolios. I opted not to bring in a … Continue reading

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New Hair Don’t Care?

I decided to do something a bit different with my hair- Bettie bangs! It’s a statement for sure, and something I definitely cannot hide behind! So far, loving them! xo Jaye

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Beehive Bardot

So for those that follow me on Instagram (blue_jaye) or have seen me recently in real life (all what? 5 people? ha) then you know I recently went cotton candy pink with my hair. It was something I’ve always wanted … Continue reading

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Beach Day!

Every year, the salon I work at hosts it’s annual “Beach Day!” We unfortunately don’t get to actually GO to the beach, it’s more of a customer appreciation day to kick off the start of summer. We all bring in … Continue reading

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Forties Fridays

I feel like this is hair week or something! But taking inspiration from all the other hair related posts this week, here’s my pick for Forties Fridays, an advert for Junior Miss hairstyles:) Yup. Once my hair grows a wee … Continue reading

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Thirties Thursdays

With my short hair and my new-found appreciation for pin curls on my short hair, I’ve been looking at loads of 30s hair inspiration. Women were still growing out their bobs, so there’s plenty to see! From the 1930s- images … Continue reading

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Wet Set Review

I mentioned Monday that I took part in a Vintage workshop focusing on hair and make-up. I did a wet set on my hair (which I generally do, but haven’t since my hair has been so short) and I thought … Continue reading

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