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Viva Las Vegas Day 2

Ugh. May was rough. But I’m back with the remainder of my Viva journey! Day Two: The actual first day! Thursday I woke up nice and early (I can’t tell you how excited I was that I couldn’t sleep!) After … Continue reading

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MCM Kitchen Love

In a beautiful coincidence, I was reached out to recently by Wayfair about blogging for them about my ideal Mid Century Modern (MCM) Kitchen space. It makes it even more fun since I’m looking at buying my first home and a MCM … Continue reading

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New Year New Adventures!

I was definitely ready to put 2016 behind me. It was just not my year (and probably not many other’s either!) So I have to say 2017 is shaping up to be much better! Some fun things to look forward … Continue reading

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It’s August?! Wtf.

Uhhhh…. where did this summer go? It’s August, you guys. Seriously. It’s been a heck of a summer for me so far! I last left off at the Vintage Pop Up Shop from the Maryland Historical Society, but there’s been … Continue reading

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Dita Cardi!

I had been lusting after a Dita Cardigan from Wheels & Dollbaby for years. I heard a rumor that they would be releasing the final one in December of 2015, and decided it was high time I just splurge and … Continue reading

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My Sweet Beast

My sweet Annabelle (or Annabeast, or just Beast for those who knew her) passed at 9:32am Friday, January 22, 2016. She was 3 months and 1 day short of what we celebrated as her 10th birthday. Beastie had been acting … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Hope your season is merry and bright! xo Jaye

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Uhhh two months? Three? Four? Crap.

So I fell behind… Again! If you haven’t already noticed, I tend to be pretty bad about updating the blog. It’s really not just the blog- it’s Instagram, my emails and Facebook. I tend to generally shy away from technology … Continue reading

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Why Vintage Has Made Me a Better Person

In the process of writing a journal entry on how my bicycle has made me a better human being, I realized I could very easily write about how vintage has as well. At first, it didn’t seem particularly impactful, but after … Continue reading

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Place Holder

Everyone has one. Something to tie themselves over til they find the perfect whatever. It could be a temp job til you finally land the job you really want. It could be a piece of art hanging on the wall … Continue reading

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