Meowy Christmas!


From my crazy family to yours! Happy Holidays!

xo Jaye, Snacks, Waffles and Cranberries the Fish

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Happy November! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween. I am a huge holiday lover and try to go all out decorating. I got an early start- September 3rd! Blame Target for their awesome Halloween decor. As excited as I was to decorate as soon as possible, I wasn’t really feeling getting dressed up in the days leading up to it. So much that I ended up reviving last year’s costume.

What was I last year? A black and white movie. 

I went for an earlier 30s vibe with my clothing. This year I couldn’t fit in anything (thanks pizza ass!) so I went more 50s to accommodate my… assets.

This year’s black and white movie:

This one was a bit more hastily done- you can see my makeup is quite streaky.

For comparison (my coworkers):

I’m rather pleased how this year’s came out seeing that I wasn’t really in the Halloween spirit by the time it rolled around. I think exhaustion from the previous few weeks (weddings, non stop work and the flu) really weighed down on me so I’m glad something came together in time.

And well.. because I’m a dirty ole broad…



Your Boo, Jaye

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Baltimore Historical Crime Tour

Last night I teamed up with Jeff Bejma, a loca historian who just published a book on Fells Point history, for a Historical Crime Tour of Baltimore focusing on the 1850-1860s era and how essentially Baltimore earned the nickname “Mobtown.”

We had several members of the Baltimore Historical Society join us, as well as several of my coworkers and clients from the barbershop I work at. 

I tried to document the evening but instead I was too engrossed in Jeff’s talk! I’m going to post info about his book soon so that anyone who is interested can check it out!

I was able to remember to take two photos- the first from the beginning of the evening at QG. Jeff is behind the bar (he’s BMore’s finest bartender!) and the second is him talking about the area where Edgar Allen Poe was kidnapped. We are standing in the Inner Harbor, and Poe had been abducted a few blocks north. 

This tour really got me interested in Maryland history and Baltimore history in particular. I really want to check out the rest of the tours in the city! It being October, there’s several haunted ones here, so I think they should be the first on my list!

Any suggestions? 🙂



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Waffles needs your vote!

I adopted Waffles this past March as you guys know. He came from a local shelter, BARCS, who does such awesome things in Baltimore. They are doing a fundraiser called Whiskers and Wine- the winning cat or dog gets their photo on a wine label and the wines are sold to the public! 

He needs your votes! You have til midnight to vote for him:) he’s currently in 3rd.

You need a Facebook account, and all you have to do is like the photo!

Click here to vote for Waffles!

Share! Vote! Waffles!



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Outfit updates!

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you probably should! I post my outfits on there and it’s generally the only social media platform I partake in. There should be small icons to the right that will take you right to my page!

But, since you’re here to see outfits- here you go!

The first few are from my birthday trip to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Sedona at the end of August, and the last few are some outfits for the Baltimore Vintage Society and work. Hope you enjoyed!

I know I keep saying I will blog more often, but the truth is that at the end of a log day, the last thing I want to do is open my laptop and do more WORK. And since I’m fairly technology-adverse, it’s taken me a while to actually get around to downloading the WordPress app… But I did! So this will make t much easier for me (and you!) to stay updated. (Also I have a bunch of coworkers and friends who are trying to keep me accountable!)

Also a lovely welcome to all my recent followers! Hi Rico! Hi Angela! Hi Jim! Hi Steve! Hi Krista! And all the others! Big hellos and welcomes to you all! I appreciate it:)



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BMore Vintage

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally created a group on Facebook for Vintage and Retro lovers of the Baltimore City area. One of my clients had talked me into doing it, so we could organize a Tweed Ride and various other activities. Check it out!

Baltimore Vintage Society



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It’s August?! Wtf.

Uhhhh…. where did this summer go? It’s August, you guys. Seriously.

It’s been a heck of a summer for me so far! I last left off at the Vintage Pop Up Shop from the Maryland Historical Society, but there’s been loads of fun vintage outings since! I participated in a second round of the National Archives 20s clothing review, redone my apartment to more of a MCM style, gotten tons of new vintage goodies and was interviewed by Baltimore STYLE Magazine for a feature on vintage clothing and style!

My sister and her boyfriend came in from Australia for a visit, I’ve changed up my hair, Snacks had a health scare and Waffles is still insane.



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Maryland Historical Society Atomic Pop Up

So the other night, the MD Historical Society had an Atomic Pop Up Shop and Cocktail Hour to prepare for a 50s themed cocktail event in a few weeks. As always, I forgot to take photos of the event, but I’ve borrowed a few that were taken by the kind folks at The City Paper.

(all photos taken and property of Tedd Helm, City Paper)


For more awesome photos of the event, check out the City Paper website.

Can’t wait for the cocktail hour in a few weeks!


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Outfit Updates

Since I’m terrible at blogging.. (Seriously.)


1 – 50s skirt from eBay (I love you, Debi Dooley!) | sweater from H&M | bakelite moon brooch from an antique store in York, PA

2 – 50s dress from an estate sale | sweater from Target | celluloid palm tree brooch from eBay

3 – 50s dress from Halcyon Vintage in Richmond, VA | sweater from Forever21 | bakelite key brooch from eBay

4 – 50s skirt with atomic row boat print from eBay (Debi Dooley again!) | sweater and tank from Forever21 | belt from Target


I’ve been craving more 50s skirts lately with modern sweaters for work because they’re still so fun and work appropriate. I’ve found more on eBay from a sweet seller (mentioned above) so I’ve been adding to my collection. I’ve been particularly drawn to atomic prints, which are getting harder and harder to find.



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A Few Outfits….

You can check out my recent outfit updates on Instagram as I’ve been trying to update my vintage more often (something we all know I’m terrible at!)

Here’s my outfits from the last week!

These two to mostly show off my new brooches! A 30s celluloid carved wheat brooch, and a 40s ‘Knit for Victory’ from Machinedance Vintage (love you dear!)

Two FABULOUS dresses from Elizabeth (which had been in the shop… but then I decided they should just stay in my closet… 🙂 )


My awesome new plaid wiggle dress from Fairy Floss Vintage ❤


I was trying to show off the button detail and my new black bakelite fish brooch from eBay! 🙂

I’ll be updating more shortly!




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