It’s been almost two months since Annabelle has passed, and I find I’m not the only one in the house that’s been mourning. Enid/Snacks/E-Snacks the Cat has been guarding Annabelle’s bed, food bowls and toys. She’s been more needy than I’ve ever seen her, waking me up at all hours of the night because she wants attention. It’s really sad.. she had never showed much interest in me before.

After careful consideration, I warmed to the idea of introducing another cat to the household. Pancakes, the fish, has been a great addition and eSnacks loves to sit and watch him swim for hours but she still wasn’t getting much play time or attention in while I was away at work. I couldn’t find it in me to get another dog (I don’t know when I will be able to do that or IF I will..)

The only thing holding me back? Being a single, thirty-something woman with cats.

Then I decided.. Fuck that. Seriously. Who cares? eSnacks and Annabelle were a bonded pair. Animals mourn and humans mourn. My heart was breaking all over again just watching my cat deal with not having her ‘sissy’ around.

I went to BARCS last week to fill out a volunteer application, and walked out with an adoption application (I still filled out the volunteer one!). And last night.. I came home with this lil dude…


Meet Waffles! Well.. Sir William Waffles to be exact.

So now I have Snacks, Pancakes and Waffles. I’m sensing a theme…. I’m keeping them separate for now (anyone who has had to introduce cats before knows how tricky it can be!) but trying to give each of them love and affirmation. So far Waffles is settling in great, and eSnacks is holding court underneath the sofa.



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I love Craig! And his list.

I think I’m finally winning at Craigslist!

I picked up this American made early Mid Century from Craigslist last week from an awesome young couple who loves MCM but needed more room in their house. $75. RIGHT?!?!?! I died.

Snacksie loves it and hangs out on it with Pancakes all day long.

I plan on getting more Catherineholm pieces that I’d like to display, in the meantime I have the fondue pot, a few plants, couple mid century atomic Christmas ornaments, vintage Boxer dog figurines, Pancakes the fish and my mom’s embroidered picture on top.

And now… off to troll Craigslist some more!


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Dita Cardi!

I had been lusting after a Dita Cardigan from Wheels & Dollbaby for years. I heard a rumor that they would be releasing the final one in December of 2015, and decided it was high time I just splurge and treat myself! I still don’t know if that rumor is anything more than that, but I’m so glad I went ahead and bought it! I don’t typically go for sparkly or gold, but I’m pretty happy that I did, as it’s a bit out of my comfort zone, and sometimes that is a good thing!


I wore it out with a full black circle skirt to a restaurant, The Food Market, in Hampden (Baltimore neighborhood), for restaurant week. It was so much fun! I went with a coworker for a girls night. I did a fun cherry print on my nails for something a little different. I liked out it came out!

Cardigan: Dita Cardigan from Wheels & Dollbaby

Bakelite Heart brooch: eBay

Glasses: Moscot




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My Sweet Beast


My sweet Annabelle (or Annabeast, or just Beast for those who knew her) passed at 9:32am Friday, January 22, 2016. She was 3 months and 1 day short of what we celebrated as her 10th birthday.

Beastie had been acting fine, until two days prior, when we found out she had an aggressive brain tumor that caused several seizures in a short time.

She had a rough beginning, used as a bait dog in a dog-fighting ring in Georgia. Her old owners put behind bars, I found her at the shelter and rescued her the last day she was available before being put down. She was my best friend and the “lub” of my life since June 23, 2007.

I’m still not ready to be without her, and all of her toys and treats and food (and beddie) are all in the same spot they were before she passed. I miss my baby.

Love you, my sweet beast. You’re mommy’s sweet girl.



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20s Tuesdays

Tidbits from a satin 1920s dress I have. So pretty but so fragile! I’ve never worn it for anything other than photoshoots.


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New Year, New Finds

I have a new obsession. It’s vintage cooking ware. Help.

Catherineholm of Norway is known for its whimsical and happy colors and Lotus design on their bowls, carafes, and other cooking ware. My first piece is a green fondue pot I purchased off eBay. I can’t wait to add more to my collection! I’m currently bidding on three nesting bowls.


Ampersand Vintage Modern has a fantastic post about Catherineholm history and the story behind its iconic Lotus design. Check it out!


Next up is this adorable 40s-50s wooden donkey pin! My coworker, Mary, named him Dominic, after Dominic the Christmas Donkey- HE HAW! HE HAW!


And of course I had to get a few new vintage pieces! This 1930s purple chiffon gown with silk flowers was an eBay buy that needs a little love. The 1920s silk and fur cocoon coat? SWOON. An amazing find from Elizabeth (who really always finds the most beautiful pieces for the most extraordinary prices) I am so in love with this coat, as I’ve been looking for a 20s cocoon coat for quite some time. It has a lot of shredding on the inside silk lining, so I’ve been painstakingly trying to repair it as carefully as possible. At the rate I’m going, I will be 80 when I finish!


Despite the lack of enthusiasm in this photo (forgive my tired eyes- my contacts were itchy and I was feeling under the weather) I am super thrilled to be the new owner of this 1920s hat. It’s made of silk ribbon that’s been woven to give the appearance of straw. I can’t wait to wear it at one of the many upcoming picnics this spring and summer!


And of course.. while not old or vintage by any means… My very Dita Von Teese Christmas! I gifted myself the new gold Dita cardigan from Wheels & Dollbaby (love!), Dita’s new beauty book (love!) and MAC’s limited edition Dita lips (love!) I haven’t worn my new cardigan yet, and I sized up due to a weight gain, but should have just ordered my usual size. Either way, I love it and can’t wait to wear it for a special occasion- I’m thinking our work Holiday Party! (We are celebrating at the end of the month)

Yay new year and new finds!


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Merry Christmas!

Hope your season is merry and bright!



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Holiday Decor: Old vs. New

I am huge into decorating for the holidays. It really looks like Christmas exploded all over my house during the month of December. My mom and dad always made a big show of getting out all the Christmas decorations and putting everything up just so, so I like to think I’m carrying on the tradition. The holiday spirit (no pun intended!) also extends to Halloween for me. I’ve never been one to dress up or go do anything fun, but I’ve always enjoyed making the entrance of my house ‘spookified’ and carving pumpkins. Since I’m in a loft apartment this year, it’s a little trickier to decorate, so I’m trying to think of some creative ways.

Since Halloween is a Saturday this year, I’ll be working at QG and dressing up is encouraged! I’ve never been really good at picking out costumes (most have to be explained… which is never a good sign!) so I’m turning to the past to draw inspiration this year.

My favorite so far was my Mary Poppins look from a few years ago that I did with the gentleman (he went as Bert):



Last year I did something a bit more risqué and wore a 1930s burlesque costume I have:

IMG_9424 IMG_9437

I need something appropriate for work still, so I’m thinking about going greyscale for this year:


Image from the talented Whitney Avalon

Or I could just go really old school and weird like this:


I mean, really.. WTF is that????




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Longer Skirts, Shorter Days…

Today is a good day.

Fall seems to finally be here, I can wear tweed, boots, and hello! Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back at Starbucks! Amiright?!?!?

Today I’m pairing a 1940s nutmeg-colored nubbed linen skirt, white blouse from Collectif, a vest from Gap that I thrifted forever ago, and a blazer from H&M a few seasons back. I’m also wearing my trusty Chelsea Crew heeled brogues, and Larry Longlegs my 30s Bakelite spider on my lapel.





An old 50s beret, and some 40s seamed silk nylons round out my look. I love being able to wear more lux fabrics and layering them. So I’m thrilled that the weather is finally changing so I can wear them.



And of course, because I can’t be serious for more than a few minutes at a time…



Hope everyone else’s weekend is off to a great start!



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Twenties Tuesdays

I was lucky enough to meet the amazingly talented John Dunn, costume designer extraordinaire for Boardwalk Empire this past week. Since meeting him and hearing about the costumes he used on the show, I’ve been going back through the series and looking online at some of my favorite outfits used. Here’s a few of my top:







All photos have come from or Google.

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