Forties Fridays

Today I’m wearing a 40s navy rayon floral dress with a HUGE LONG SASH that I don’t wear nearly enough. It’s in near mint condition (just need to fix a teeny tiny seam) and gorgeous. It just never feels gorgeous on me. I’m such an emotional dresser. I want whatever I wear to FEEL something. And it saddens me that this dress doesn’t evoke the feelings I want=(



Maybe it’ll end up in the shop soon?


Though I am really pleased with how my lipstick turned out today!

I’m wearing a new hat! I’m going to write a little post about it shortly=) It’s so cute and from a dear lady=)





Dress from eBay

Hat from Emily

Lipstick is Bobbi Brown’s Red Carpet

About Baltimore Bombshell

A 30-something vintage clothing hoarder who also has a penchant for books, coffee, lazy days and cats.
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2 Responses to Forties Fridays

  1. rileyemily says:

    I love this dress. The pops of color are so unexpected. And you look gorgeous!

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