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I love it when life lucks out that you find a vintage garment from the person who wore it. My grandma didn’t keep any of her vintage dresses (shame.. she was a model in the 40s.. had a killer wardrobe!) but she still has her jewelry. One of my favorite things growing up was listening to her tell me the stories behind each piece. I still love asking her even though I’ve heard it all 100 times before.

I mentioned last week I had my first successful buying trip this weekend. I am always sorta skeptical about buying appointments.. You get a lot of people saying “Oh you buy vintage clothing! I have a TON in my basement/attic/garage/etc! You should come over and look at it! There’s a TON of 40s and 50s dresses in there!” You get there, and it’s a bunch of unwearable stuff from the 90s, a few hideous 80s pieces and maybe a bad 70s suit with a odor that makes you think perhaps a dead rat is rotting away in one of the pockets. Usually, these are not good appointments. You get your hopes up and they’re not just dashed, but completely obliterated. Then the person who told you about the “treasures to be had!” is angry you won’t shell out several hundred dollars for stuff that honestly, Salvation Army might not even accept because it’s in such bad shape. You leave with a bad taste in your mouth. I know other vintage dealers out there have been through this. Just because it’s more than a few seasons old, DOES NOT MAKE IT VINTAGE. I’ll be talking about what I classify as vintage later in another post. (That doesn’t mean that it’s the industry standard, everyone has their own thing.)

But this appointment was much better than what I’ve experienced before, thankfully. A coworker’s grandmother is about to move and was going to use an estate sale company but offered to let me go through her clothing she kept first. At first, not going to lie, I was a little disappointed as I rifled through outdated suits from the 70s and 80s, but then she produced a lovely 50s dress with chiffon sleeves and a full skirt she had made for her daughter’s bat mitzvah. It needs some serious cleaning, so I have got to do that before I photograph it. I ended up with a 70s drape-y Grecian style gown I thought I’d never go for, but I’m keeping it! And then this beauty…
Isn’t she stunning!?!?!? She bought this at a high end department store in NYC in the 60s that’s no longer around for her son’s bar mitzvah. She mentioned it was such a nice affair she wanted something REALLY beautiful. She had spent so much time making her own clothes and her kids, that she really wanted something truly special. “I wore it only once, but it was my absolute favorite. How could it not be?”
Seriously beautiful. I just wish it fit over my arse! I am pear-shaped, and it made me so sad she wouldn’t fit over my hips:( So I put her in the shop, she’s on sale, along with everything else! You can find her here!
I can’t wait to see who snaps her up- I hope they send me pictures! You know she’s going to be worn at an elegant affair of some sort:) If she’d fit, I’d probably vacuum wearing her. (Vintage dresses are totally “she”s. Duh!) 🙂
On Sale!

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