Jazz Age Preservation Ball 2015

I was thrilled to attend the Art Deco Society of Virginia’s (anyone here sensing a theme?) Jazz Age Preservation Ball on January 24th. It was held at the Bolling Haxall House in Richmond, VA to benefit Bells of Peace, non-profit organization that focuses on complete restoration of The Belgian Friendship Building at Virginia Union University (taken from their mission statement).
The event was splendid as always, with live music provided by The Blue Crescent Syncopators. Live performances by two fantastic newly wedded Lindy Hoppers, Abigail Browning and Adam Speen from Chapel Hill, NC. There was even a beginners Charleston lesson before all the festivities started. The lovely Olivia Lloyd of The Garter Snaps wowed with a stunning performance that recalled Egyptian Revival (and my newest obsession!)
The food was divine, the cocktails were flowing, and merry was being made!
I wore a dress from Fabgabs Vintage (I love her- you may have noticed a theme)
(Photo by Lynn Redmile)
I loaned a 1940s dress with DETACHABLE peplum (I’m still seriously excited by that) to Abigail and she looked STUNNING. Seriously. Belle of the ball. And she matched Adam so well!
The absolutely gorgeous ADSVA president and designer of Brooksy Hats, Olivia Lloyd and the equally stunning Kath Parker of Machinedance Vintage. Don’t they look incredible?
Rita Shiang, Membership Director of the ADSVA. Isn’t her dress amazing? Look at that belt! She found it at ByGones Vintage in Richmond. I couldn’t get over the bow straps or the belt. Gorgeous. That cape too- Can you believe how well it matches? I’m always blown away at how beautiful Rita looks.
A smattering of some of the objects up for auction including a Brooksy hat, headband by Chatterblossom, Art Deco statue and an insane necklace (that necklace has Bakelite elephants on it. BAKELITE. ELEPHANTS. I was so mad I didn’t bring my wallet with me! The gal who won was lucky she made it out of there without me tackling her.)
The lovely Richard and Kathryn Springs
The last photo is with the lovely Lynn Redmile. She’s a hugely talented photographer, so make sure you check out her website. She’s photographed several other ADSVA events, so you can see better photos of all the clothing and events.
As always, there is an after-party at Penny Lane Pub. The next morning, we all got gussied up again and went to Can Can Brassiere for brunch. I love the atmosphere of the restaurant- it always makes me think of being in Paris again.
The dress I’m wearing is 20s perfection I found on Ebay. It has a split cape in the back. I used the belt to belt my dress the night before, and as a headband for the brunch. Otherwise, it’s just sort of awkward to belt a drop waist.
After brunch, we walked over to ByGones Vintage and Halcyon Vintage. I lusted after a few 30s velvet gowns at ByGones, but sadly didn’t take any photos (I was too busy wiping off the drool from my chin…) I cannot tell you how THRILLED I was when I went into Halcyon and saw a 40s fur lined hat that I had wanted to purchase after last years Jazz Age ball, but my ex didn’t like it and persuaded me not to get it. It was the hat that got away. I have thought about it every day since. I’ve gone back a few times and hadn’t seen it, so I figured it was sold… But lo and behold- there it was! I snatched it up as quickly as possible and may have growled at anyone who got too close. I ended up purchasing two other hats as well that I will photograph soon.
Again, as always, such a blast with everyone involved in the ADSVA! Fantastic event with fantastic people. Cannot wait for the next year’s ball!

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  1. ❤ It was fantastic spending the weekend with you! Thank you for letting me borrow your dress last minute. It was perfect. You are amazing.

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