And I’m back!

Whew! What a crazy week! I went down to the Outer Banks, NC, last weekend for some relaxing beach time with my boyfriend, as he ran a The Experiment for Balboa (Bal is a form of swing dancing, and The Experiment is a super-sweet camp for top Balboa dancers that’s a month long in April on the beach) and this past weekend I went down to Durham, NC (why is everything in NC??) for The Beginner’s Guide to Vintage: Pin Curls, Clothes and Cocktails put on by the absolutely lovely Jamie from Chatter Blossom and the fantastic duo, Andi and Isaac from Raleigh Vintage.

Picture a gaggle of lovely Vintage-lovin’ ladies learning how to do pin curls, 1940s make-up, getting schooled in vintage clothing basics and care, having their measurements taken (so very important! Know them! I’ll do a post soon about them) and having a few cocktails to boot! It was so much fun and SO worth the crazy traffic I endured to get there! Jamie showed us how to do a classic 1940s hairstyle which worked on any length and cut of hair by either doing a wet or dry set. I opted for a wet set, as that’s generally what I do when I pin curl my hair, and my hair right now is very short from growing out a pixie. After our curls were in place, we had a crash course in using a scarf to accessorize and protect our curls- which was great! I always use the same size scarf and am always intimidated to use different sizes because I’m never quite sure how to style them. I was thrilled to try out pin curls on my hair right at its current length. I can do small victory rolls, but I really miss wearing pin curls, and I was excited to know I could still wear them and how to style them even with my hair being so short. Kudos to Jamie for showing me!

After lunch, Andi led a class with a FANTASTIC print out packet of styles ranging from the mid 30s to late 50s. She had information with each era showing the silhouettes, and certain aspects which are generally ‘dead giveaways’ that something is vintage from that era. She also had a great sheet about care and washing the garments- which is something I’ve been researching a lot lately, so I was so happy I could pick the brain of an expert and have a take home with all the information so I wouldn’t forget anything. She and Isaac had brought a rack full of clothing from different eras in several different fabrics with the care/wash instructions on each one- I LOVED THAT. Since I’m not a seamstress or even sew (aside from the occasional split seam or button or hem, I can’t sew worth crap) I don’t know much about fabrics. I can tell a few things apart, but some of the synthetics and blends I’m completely lost with- so it was great to have a whole lot of garments to touch and realize ‘oh hey! I have a dress that feels EXACTLY like this! I suppose it is this fabric.. oh that’s how you clean it!’ So it was awesome.

After the clothing and styling class Isaac showed us how to make a Pimms Cup and Old Fashioned. I had a Pimms cup for the first time this past August while I was in London- so delicious! And since the Old Fashioned is my cocktail of choice, I was extremely happy to learn to make one (I just drink them haha! I need to get on learning more about making drinks..) and drink one!

The make-up was next. I generally always wear a 40s face so it wasn’t very new to me, but I loved seeing the change in everyone else, especially those ladies who don’t wear make up like that! We spent a good amount of time on everything that we ran over schedule, so many of the ladies had to leave before we had the big final reveal (letting our hair down was last). I tried to take as many pictures as possible, but I kept forgetting as it was 1. way too much fun 2. so much to learn and take in 3. I’m terrible at photographing anyhow.

Afterwards, we headed out to Triangle Swing Dance Society’s dance that evening. So much fun seeing everyone dressed up and swinging out! I noticed a lot of the dancers are blues dancers, which is not something I see much in the Baltimore swing scene, so that was really cool to see.


All in all, an EXCELLENT event and I cannot WAIT for the next one! I met such wonderful ladies and had such a great time. I am so happy Jamie and Raleigh Vintage put this on! I even picked up a dress from Raleigh Vintage I had been eyeing, too! Please do go check out Chatterblossom on Etsy for all of Jamie’s adorable accessories and Andi and Isaac over at Raleigh Vintage. You won’t be disappointed;)



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4 Responses to And I’m back!

  1. Jaye! We’re so glad you came! I seriously can’t wait to do it again; it was SO much fun and you looked amazing! I’m so glad you took the photos and did this post. Sometimes these events go by so fast, they seem like a blur…it is fantastic to have a record! XOXO Andi

  2. Donna Harsh says:

    thanks for the pics…i like to see what my daughter, Jamie is doing next!

  3. Donna, you’re welcome! It was such a wonderful event and I can’t wait for more!

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